Viridian Red WTC

Viridian Group’s Viridian Red has emerged out to be India’s number one real estate developer. It has moulded the vast Indian landscape into a hub of opportunities to a diverse range of businesses. Being the only developer in India having a license to open a World Trade Centre Association (WTCA), Viridian Red is set to take benefits of its prior work. The group has planned to take the legacy of WTCA forward into their own office spaces. In the latest development of government initiatives in which 109 smart cities are planned, Viridian Red is looking to help in this cause.

The layout of Viridian Red for expansion is a well-thought out process. As the WTC (World Trade Centre) CEO has stated that they are looking to increase the WTCAs in India from 20 to 26 which will be spread evenly in all the emerging cities of India, Viridian Red is also going the same way. The group looks to capitalize the opportunities from the convergence of Smart City Mission and WTCA. It has planned its own office spaces in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in order to encourage growth in new business. This addition to their WTCA enterprise will open a big wavelength of indigenous growth based on Viridian Red’s WTC work. Apart from guiding the Smart City Mission with its own considerations in real estate, Viridian Red will also help in fastening the Start-Up initiatives taken by the government of India. With these initiatives, many new business ideas will get support and to accentuate the process Viridian Red has already expressed its keen desire to avail real estate commercial platform for such start-ups.

With Viridian Red’s expertise especially in full filling WTCA dream of India, these new government initiatives will get the necessary push in its development. The wealth creation and establishment of securities are two major advantages that Viridian Red will provide. A good money appreciation value and a long list of multidimensional clients of the group are also its virtues with which it can supervise progress. Thus, the evolution of new India with above-discussed government policies and Viridian Red will set the benchmark for the coming generations.